John Robinson is based in the city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa. John Robinson can be contacted on +27 836547789 or jr.photog@icloud.com


johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman is about people centric photography, crafting profile portraits, event, environmental portraits and picture stories that message aspects of our joint human existence. Alongside the portraits and picture stories there is a digitising service to back up other photographers. John Robinson learned his craft at The Market Theatre Photography Workshop in Johannesburg followed up by freelancing for The Star, the Saturday Star and Sunday Independent newspapers, working as picture editor for Finance Week. Whether working in South Africa, Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Sudan, Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo people are always the focus. Following the changes in the photographic landscape the craftsman side includes alongside the digitising service bespoke leather smithing.


To provide a sustainable financial future under God for John Robinson while providing a flexible problem solving client focused narrative photography and crafting service.


Photography has always been divided into 2 camps: the graphic and the narrative, while there has always been some cross over between the camps. Product photography is considered graphic, while news photography is narrative. Graphic photography is about likeness, it ‘sells’ a product whether it is a can of car oil, a person or a health spa. Narrative photography can talk for its self: the photographer perceives in a given situation and isolates a moment and the viewers of the photograph view the same photograph from their world view and can read meaning out of the same picture for themselves. Profile portraiture is an example of cross over in that it is a ‘given situation’ or narrative and a ‘likeness’ or graphic photography, wedding photography is also in this crossover category as it sells a dream out of a given situation. johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman is in the narrative photography camp with a bit of crossover in the profile offerings.

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman targets people who want business profile pictures of themselves or their clients and people who want a business or private event photographed.

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman targets publications that feature photo stories done by narrative photographers.

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman targets people who need personal photographic training in aspects of narrative photography.

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman targets people who need a personal photographic digitising light room and printing service.

Business Type

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman is a South African sole proprietor micro business in good standing with the South African Revenue Service and is wholly owned and operated by BJ Robinson (John Robinson).


johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman operates on a daily or half daily rate. Corporate clients are charged at the full rate while NGO, NPO, government and private individuals are given a discount. Publications, wire services and news channels usually have a given rate that they pay suppliers of content andjohnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman will negotiate around these rates if needed.

Industry and Competitors

johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman operates in the Media and Communications, Arts and Training industries. While John Robinson as a narrative photographer is highly competitive in that he wants to get the ‘best’ shot, John Robinson believes that other narrative photographers are more like peers then competitors as we all have our own perceptions or world views and treats other narrative photographers as such. John Robinson as a craftsman treats other craftspeople the same as John Robinson the narrative photographer.


johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman markets the brand by example and personal networking, this means that through a blog, newsletters and social media examples of work by johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman is made available for people to view. This digital marketing is adjacent to human to human interaction and follow up.


johnrobinson narrative photography & craftsman is financially in the black and debt free, funds are taken from all income and put aside for a tithe, salary, running costs, future needs and self funding of needed equipment in a sustainable manner.



Camera & Coffee sessions are hosted in Glenwood, Durban coffee shops…




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