Fight Club, MMA fighting…

Photos John Robinson

Fight Club, 11 May 2003, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
High kicks and punches smack into bodies as these fighters compete.
The seconds shout instructions to their fighters.
The fancy outfits that clothed their men on that walk from the change rooms count for nought once the fight begins.
Only hard kicks, punches and submissions will stop the other man.
The meek might gain the world, but in here only the hardest man will get the purse.

Camera & Coffee Sessions, Photographic Basics

The Camera is a Combination of Three Basic Parts, the Aperture, the Shutter and the ISO


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A photograph is an aspect of reality, and photography is about drawing a picture with the light of what is in front of the camera at the time.

A system camera is a light-proof box with an attached controllable light source.

The system camera is a combination of three basic parts, the aperture, the shutter and the ISO – The lens has the aperture, the camera body normally has the shutter and the sensor/film is ISO rated.

The lens is involved in focusing the light picture onto the sensor or film plane in the camera body, the aperture in the lens also controls the intensity of this light that reaches the sensor/film through adjusting the aperture by doubling or halving the intensity of light falling on the film/sensor in the camera body.

On the aperture ring on my lens, I have the options of f2 – f2.8 – f4 – f5.6 – f8 – f11 – f16. On my lens f2 is wide open and lets in the full amount of light that my lens can. F2.8 lets in exactly half of the light that f2 can, and so on through f4, f5.6, f8, f11 and f16 which admits the least amount of light on my lens. F11 admits twice the light as f16, f8 admits twice the light as f11 and so on to f2 which admits the most light on my lens.

The shutter protects the unexposed sensor/film from the ambient light around the photographer. The shutter in the camera body controls the length of time the sensor/film is exposed to the focused light coming in through the aperture in the lens. The shutter controls the time the film/sensor is exposed by doubling or halving the time the light is falling on the film/sensor in the camera body.

On top of my camera body, I have shutter speed options of 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 15 – 30 – 60 – 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000. 1 is for one second, 2 is for half a second, 4 is for a quarter of a second and so on to 1000 which is for a thousandth of a second. Each shutter speed option like those of the aperture ring is double or half that of the preceding option.

Drink some coffee and ask if a pattern is forming in the mind of the client around doubling and halving in basic photography.

The sensor/film is the third leg of the tripod that photography stands on. The first leg of the tripod is the aperture, the control of the intensity of light through the adjustment of the aperture in the lens. The second leg is the control of the time the light falls on the light-sensitive surface through the adjustment of the open time of the shutter. The third leg as said above is the light sensitivity of the sensor/film itself which like the aperture and shutter can also be doubled or halved in sensitivity to light.

The sensor/film is the light-sensitive surface that records the photograph of the subject that is in front of the camera at the time. Like the aperture and the shutter, the light sensitivity of the sensor/film can also be doubled or halved.

On the back of my camera body, I have the ISO options of 6 – 12 – 25 – 50 – 100 – 200 – 400 – 800 – 1600 – 3200 – 6400. Each ISO option is half or double the light sensitivity of the preceding or following as such, 50 ISO is half the sensitivity of 100 ISO and 200 ISO is double the light sensitivity of 100 ISO and half the sensitivity of 400 ISO and so on to 6400 on the one side and 6 at the other. 6400 ISO is my camera’s highest option, 6400 ISO is good for very low light situations where 6 ISO is good for very bright light situations. 400 ISO is a very good option for general light situations. As a narrative photographer, the 400 ISO sensor/film option is my go-to sensitivity for most of my work.

The tripod or three leg situation of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in photography gives the photographer a very wide choice of options for a perfectly exposed photograph in any photographic situation.

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Public Space

Public Space
Near 29,50.8123S and 31,2.2053E there is a open air gym. This gym is one of many city open air gyms in Durban, these gyms are free to use and are provided by the local council. The gyms are basic and work with the body weight of the user. The Durban beach front is the domain of the casual visitor during the day, in the late afternoons and evenings it is the domain of fitness groups who use the area for running, cycling, weight training and beach soccer.

Photos by John Robinson

Xenophobia On The Streets of Durban

Crowded in between a landlord and fear of Xenophobia in the streets of South Africa.

Crowded in Between a Landlord And Fear of Xenophobia in the Streets of South Africa. Photo John Robinson

The Madiengua family lives in an overcrowded flat in the Point area of Durban, South Africa or “Little Nigeria” as it is locally known.

This family lives with their personal belongings packed in plastic bags in case of immediate eviction by the landlord of their building in the Point area of Durban, South Africa, Paty Madiengua stands with his wife Yvette and 4 children L to R Ephraim (15), Sabrina (14), Geffrey (10) and Genesis (2) in the kitchen of their flat ready be on the move again.

Yvette comes from the village of Buta in Oriental Province, DRC. her parents were killed by the DRC army, she escaped to Kinshasa with her brother and sister where her brother went missing. Yvette met Paty who worked as an egg vendor on the streets of Kinshasa and followed him to South Africa with their 4 children.

Paty works the night shift as a security guard in the city and Yvette sells clothes on the beachfront. Mr Madiengua’s salary does not match up to the rent on their 14th floor flat, the landlords in the area are getting rid of families on the overcrowding rule. While the Madiengua family feel safe in their flat they struggle to keep up with the rent and the cost of a family and they are “fearful of the xenophobia in the townships”.


Figures In A Beachscape

By Over Riding My DSLR Light Meter With a Hand Held Incident Light Meter

I am able to get good detail in the deep shadows and get what my eyes saw on that very bright morning.

For more tips on how to get more out of your photography sign up for a Coffee & Camera session in Durban, South Africa.



FNB Duzi 2019 Winners…

Andy Birkett Won the 2019 FNB Duzi K1 Men’s Race, Christie Mackenzie Won The Women’s Race

They were followed by Sbonelo Khwela and Tamika Haw respectively.

Photos John Robinson

Listen @ The Rhumbelow Theatre

Listen Is a Collaboration Between Nick Wium, the Band Shizam, and Marianthe Panas.

A power ballad singer, Marianthe’s mature, interpretive singing and incredible vocal range has made her a sought-after performer. Panas is supported by Bernelee Frick, who delivers a sensual rendition of Cher’s “Welcome to Burlesque” and an emotionally stirring “You Must Love Me”.

Photos John Robinson

The Environmental Portrait In A World Of ‘Selfies’…

Jessica On a Red Sofa and Mark Cook With His Private Garage Sales

Photos John Robinson

The environmental portrait is a telling photograph of a person or group of people, it gives the viewer insight into an aspect of these people’s lives. In a Facebook world of hyper happy selfies the environmental can introduce into the conversation a sense of calm and connection between the Subject and the viewer.

The environmental portrait has always been my first love in photography; and I offer environmental portraits in the Durban area done on A3 cotton rag art paper of yourself and or group for ZAR 1000.00 per print.


The Social By The Pop Up & Mallaz Customs

Photos John Robinson

I am marking myself out as an event photographer to provide a record of people’s house parties, clubs and events in around Durban, South Africa.