Banele Khosa @ Looking For Love, DAG, South Africa

photos John Robinson.

Banele Khosa Stands With His Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Art Work I Am Sorry I Doubted You in the Durban Art Gallery. 21 May 2019, Durban, South Africa.

Freedom Day Walk, Durban

On 27 April 2019 People Across Durban Celebrated 25 Years of Democratic Freedom in South Africa with a prayer walk on the beach front stopping for praise, declarations and an open air communion service on the sand. The walk was finished off with collecting litter off the Durban beaches. – John Robinson

FNB Duzi 2019 Winners…

Andy Birkett Won the 2019 FNB Duzi K1 Men’s Race, Christie Mackenzie Won The Women’s Race

They were followed by Sbonelo Khwela and Tamika Haw respectively.

Photos John Robinson

Listen @ The Rhumbelow Theatre

Listen Is a Collaboration Between Nick Wium, the Band Shizam, and Marianthe Panas.

A power ballad singer, Marianthe’s mature, interpretive singing and incredible vocal range has made her a sought-after performer. Panas is supported by Bernelee Frick, who delivers a sensual rendition of Cher’s “Welcome to Burlesque” and an emotionally stirring “You Must Love Me”.

Photos John Robinson

The Social By The Pop Up & Mallaz Customs

Photos John Robinson

I am marking myself out as an event photographer to provide a record of people’s house parties, clubs and events in around Durban, South Africa.

At ‘Hot August Night’, Rhumbelow Theatre


Hot August Night, The Music Of Neil Diamond By Barry Thomson & The Reals, Dawn Selby, Jason Andrew & Mali Sewell.

“Born in January 1941, Neil Diamond is an American composer, singer, musician and actor… 

Paying respect to the music of this legendary artist composer and performer are Durban’s own tribute band ‘The Reals’ with Barry Thomson on guitar and vocals, musical director Dawn Selby on keyboards and vocals, Mali Sewell on drums and vocals and Jason Andrew on bass guitar and vocals. Included in the repertoire of ‘Hot August Night’ are Diamond’s hit songs ‘Cracklin’ Rosie, ‘Song Sung Blue’, ‘Longfellow Serenade’, ‘Desiree, ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’, ‘America’, ‘Heartlight’, ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘I’m A Believer’. A show not to be missed!” – Rhumbelow Theatre